• 200

    The Pool Cool down in the large swimming pool.

  • composite3

    Kiboko Nyumba Views of the villa from different angles

  • DSC01857

    The Roof Terrace The perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze.

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    Watamu Beach The stunning view across the ocean

  • Masai Warriors

    Masai Warriors A Masai village at Tsavo West

  • Sunset

    Sunset The orange sky of an African sunset taken on Safari.

  • Orange Head Lizard

    Orange Head Lizard Wildlife here in Kenya.


Kiboko Nyumba (Swahili for Hippo House) is the realisation of our dream to build an eco-friendly holiday home in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Finished in November 2014, it is an impressive, 4 bedroom Swahili style house that sleeps 10 people + a baby.

The villa, which is set in 1 acre of land, is spread over 3 floors and is just a 10 minute stroll from the stunning beaches of the Indian Ocean. 

We decided to build the house after an anniversary holiday to Kenya several years ago when we fell in love with the country and its people. Each trip now feels like going home.

The property is available to rent and comes fully staffed with a chef, housekeeper and a gardener as well as a night time askari (security guard). Our friendly staff will be on hand to help make your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The house is fully alarmed and has G4S security around the clock.

Kiboko Nyumba is just a 25 minute drive from the airport at Malindi and a 2 hour drive from the bustling city of Mombasa. 

We would love to welcome you to our holiday home here in Watamu. If you are interested in renting this property or would like more details about the house please email us at enny@kibokonyumba.com or call James on 0795 578463 (Kenya) or +44 7782362601 (International).

Jenny and James Fortune


"This was an amazing holiday vacation for us and the kids. Keep it up."  - Leah and girls - November 2019  



"Beautiful home! Great staff. Everything on point" - Noni - October 2019



"Superb service, kind and attentive staff and Great Food" - Christina - October 2019



"Excellent service, keep it up" - Maureen - October 2019



"Enjoyable and fantastic" - Lorenzo October 2019



"Such a fantastic service! What a beautiful place" - Soni Kamau - September 2019



"Beautiful place. Warm and loving staff." - Martha Luka (Trinity Chapel) - August 2019



"Lovely and very welcoming staff. Wonderful stay and we'll definitely be back." - Patrick Wambugu - August 2019



"A week in paradise. Thanks a lot Hammer, Joyce, Rama and Fatuma." - Rosa and family - August 2019



"Super fun!" - Pst. Wacira Karuthi and family - August 2019



"Such a lovely time. Thank you" - Kethi Mullei - August 2019



"Thank you!" - Amit Buzagle (Israel) - August 2019



"FANTASTIC!" - Terry Wangoeli - July 2019



"Amazing food from the staff. Joyce and Rama and Hammer and Fox!" - Janet Chepkwony - July 2019



"Thank you for the great food." - Cynthia Wangui - July 2019



"Beautiful and spacious and the food is amazing. Thank you!" - Tawanna Johnson - July 2019



"I lack words. It was an amazing experience" - Lily Kamau - June 2019



"Had an amazing experience" - Eva Mbuche - June 2019



"Love the experience as always. Will come back again and again. The staff have great teamwork and always at our service." - Truphosa A. Oguna - June 2019



"Great place and great people." - Juliet Kawim - June 2019



"Excellent Service" - Tom Ndolo - June 2019



"Wonderful and friendly." - Stephanie Kambua - June 2019



"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. PERFECT!!!" - Irene Ngei - 2019



"It was awesome. Very much grateful." - Rael Masanu - June 2019



"Great house, amazing! Had an amazing stay. Thank you Joyce, Rama, Hammer." - Samira Jamal - June 2019



"Friendly. Very clean. Very hospitable to us." - Virginia Wambui Mwangi - June 2019



"Wonderful house. Perfect ambience. Friendly staff." - Cultured People Adventures - 2019



"Wonderful house. Excellent staff. Great service. We will be back!!" - Patrick Wambugu - April 2019



"Beautiful environment and amazing staff" - Faith Malapi - April 2019



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"You have a lovely home and staff. Keep it up" - Team Prever Muasa - April 2019



"Fantastic. Very good staff. Thank you" - Mohamed Salim Chaudhry - April 2019



"The best, definitely coming back again." - Caroline Mutisya - April 2019



"Pure awesomeness!! Nice meals. Thank you" - Evans Muli - March 2019



"It's been lit!!!" - Lilian Kamau - March 2019



"This was the most amazing Watamu trip I've ever had. I must come back! Such a wonderful house." - Harriet Owala - February 2019



"Lovely space and amazing food, wonderful staff and overall an amazing holiday. Thank you." - McGreevy family - February 2019



"Wonderful stay, hope to be back soon." - Cemes - February 2019



"We had a wonderful stay. The staff is amazing and the food exquisite. God bless you." - Mutiga - January 2019



"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!" - Ann and party - January 2019



"I had a wonderful stay. Amazing staff. Thank you Hammer and team - God bless you." - Agnes - December 2018



"Exquisite home, lovely staff. Fun games and a lovely experience. Thank you and God bless." - Jeniffer - December 2018



"Wonderful hospitality! Thank you Hammer and team." - John - December 2018


"Great home, great space, good privacy! Great team of hosts!! Thank you Hammer, Rama and Joyce. Memorable stay." - Betty - December 2018



"Amazing house, great people thanks a lot hoping to come back soon." - Pauline - December 2018



"Amazing house, great staff warm and welcoming. Very happy and wish to come back." - Sylvia - December 2018



"Once again we say thank you for a lovely stay! the staff are amazing." - Gikubu family - November 2018



"Lovely place! Will be back for more!!" - Linda - November 2018



"We loved it here thank you." - Nyaga and friends - November 2018



"Had an amazing time, the staff were kind and helpful!" -  KCA circle and friends - October 2018



"It is a very nice place to stay. God bless." - Michael and family - October 2018



"Very warm welcome, thank you for your hospitality." - Women's group - October 2018



"The house is wonderful and there is a good almost perfect hospitality. Thank's so much." - Masika - September 2018



"Awesome stay. Beautiful cosy house pool was great. Asante. Be back soon!! Big up Joyce, Rama and Zaheri." - Lisa - September 2018



"Had an awesome time the staff were fantastic, everything was superb." - Tony - September 2018



"Had an awesome time enjoyed the food, the place was clean and neat and the staff were respectful." - Bretzy - August 2018



"The house is very lovely, nice food from chef Rama and Joyce always maintaining the cleanliness." - Beth - August 2018



"A lovely relaxing week in a beautiful house with great staff - asante sana." - Pippa, Ed and Ella - August 2018



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"Good place, very well taken care of." - Eva - July 2018



"Well attended. Keep it up!" - Rebecca - July 2018



"Good reception, good hospitality." - Judy  - July 2018



"Thank you! You have a beautiful place! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!" - Derrick and company



"The place is pretty good I loved it. Hope to come again! Thanks so much."  -  Mercy - June 2018



"Thank you very much for this warm reception and making our stay so pleasant!" - Yvonne - June 2018



"I'm very grateful for the amazing time we had. Each and every employee was a blessing in a different way. I will never forget the morning song to wake us up after the first night, that was pretty cool. Will miss the people a lot." - April 2018



"This warm welcome,the way the staff pampered us with love and knowledge, the great food, the beautiful house....Thank you for a wonderful stay. Asante sana. Wonderful time, went by really fast. No wonder...Hammer, Rama, Joyce and Zaheri thank you so much for the hospitality we were spoilt to the last minute. Asanteni sana!!!" - Sereina, Sean, Velinta and Roger - April 2018



"It was a time of pure bliss. The staff are fantastic We felt very welcome. The food was super tasty. Thank you so much!" - Wayne, Lily and Oliver - April 2018



"Great place, incredible food even better staff!!! Thanks" - Famrus - April 2018



"May god bless this place, very good, thank you" - Rev. Jonathan - March 2018



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"We had a lovely stay. We give our full appreciation to the chef and the ladies. They treated us with full love. We gratefully loved them." - Lena - January 2018



"I'll leave my heart in the house! Thankful for knowing all the staff and the house. They made our visit so special" - Fernanda - January 2018



"Tripping the lights fantastic! Love it I will be back!" - Sabina - January 2018



"Unicorn floats and lights I love it :)" - Lucy - January 2018



"Superb place and keep up the splendid work" - Travis - January 2018



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"Very good and good service." - January 2018



"House great, staff even better - friends made the holiday though!" - Samantha - January 2018



"Had fun, we rocked, can't ask for more!" - Muisto's - December 2017



"This place was super awesome we loved everything about the house. We enjoyed all the meals. We shall def. be back. (We hope that in future soaps and tissues will be added to the rooms.) We are happy!!!!"  - The Mule's and the Mungei's - December 2017



"The games, the staff, the unique beautiful house = home." - Lucy - December 2017



"Speechless! Spectacular house and even more spectacular staff! Recommending this place to everyone" - Angela - December 2017



"Everything was good see you again next year." - Cecilia - December 2017



"I'm very happy will come again." - Jane - December 2017



"This is a place to be on holidays. I am pleased" - Guka - December 2017



"Good hospitality, we received the best treatment, good house keep, food, security etc. It was home away from home treatment." - Jesse and Family - November 2017



"Simply fantastic!!! Fab location and ambiance. Great service." - Martin and Marin - November 2017



"Great place, wonderful staff. Clean and has a family feel to it." - Mery - October 2017



"Great service, enjoyed every bit. Thank you." - John - October 2017



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"We had an AWESOME!!! time. Very helpful staff great house" - Sarah - October 2017 



"Great place!! The staff are awesome!" - Anne - October 2017



"I truly had an amazing stay. I hope to be back soon. God bless you." - Dzame - October 2017



"Good house wonderful service - keep it up." - Gordon - October 2017



"Happy to visit keep up the good work." - Halima - September 2017



"A very beautiful place. Thanks so much for the welcome." - Jacqueline - September 2017



"Splendid service. Beautiful house. Had a fabulous time." - Janet - August 2017



"Thank you; Watamu is beautiful. Loved the place." - Shukran - August 2017



"Card and board games are a brilliant idea." - William - August 2017



"Loved the place had a lovely stay. Will definitely come back :)" - Sheila  - August 2017



"Good work, lovely place." - Edwin - August  2017



 "Helpful to the kids, I will definitely at Kiboko again, thanks a lot." - Pascal - August 2017



"Thanks a lot for the staff! Wonderful stay here!" - Stephanie - August 2017



"Wonderful! Thanks a lot to all the staff, we had a delightful stay!" - Lorene - August 2017



"Thank you!! Was a wonderful stay." - Victor - July 2017



"Kiboko Nyumba nice place to stay. Food was wonderful. I love the showers. Very clean room." - Paschel - June 2017 



"Excellent service: Kudos." - Abigael - May 2017



"Great service. Thank you. Hope to come back soon." - Norah - May 2017



"Great service...we shall come back..." - Eruphosa - May 2017



"Great people! Asante sana." - Albaskir - May 2017



"Got value for money! Worth coming back! - Nick - May 2017



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"Awesome,awesome,awesome. Great experience had an awesome time and the people there are great." - Robert and Allan - May 2017




"Lovely 2 weeks. Food was amazing! What a lovely house. The staff were brilliant. Can't wait to come back!" - Justine + Edward + John + Martin - May 2017



"We had a great time and the team has been wonderful thank you!!!" - Winnie + family + friends - April 2017



"Had a great time. Beautiful house and staff." - Paul Tocco - April 2017



"Thank you for a perfect base camp for our family. Allan, Hammer and Joyce looked after us so well!!" - Mel and Russ Craven - March 2017



"Thank you, a wonderful holiday." - Hills and Villiers - January 2017



"Beautiful house. Lovely people especially Mae. Will definitely come back." - Linah J Kipkemoi - December 2016



"Had a blast. Allan was good. Mae really took care of us." - Kenneth Rep - December 2016



"Awesome place. Awesome people. Had a very good time here." Herbert Kiprano - December 2016



"Nice place" - Mercio Mackari - December 2016


"Lovely place." -  Eva Musa - December 2016



"Thanks so much for your hospitality. We enjoyed ourselves." - Winear A. Fanuel Zachary - December 2016



"We had a wonderful time. Asanteni! Tutarudi!" - Julie/Thomas Odhiambo - December 2016



"Fabulous place to unwind with family." - Saiken Boys - October 2016



"Lovely, lovely and classy." - Elizabeth Ndunge - October 2016


"Loved it completely. Awesome place." - Hellen Kinuthia - October 2016



 " I absolutely loved my stay here. I will make recommendations. Be back soon!! - Eunice Wayiku Kamunyu - October 2016



"Beyond EPIC, hospitable staff, serene environment ☺. Kudos, the food was amazing" - Tina on behalf of the #WATAMUTAMU team - August 2016



"It is a really beautiful place to enjoy. I am very happy today. Service is excellent" - Mr Minhaj - July 2016



"We enjoyed our holiday. The service is perfect. Next year we'll come back again." - Gerard and Liliane - June 2016



"Wonderful service. Good place. Friendly staff" - Joy Kanyago - May 2016



"Awesome place... Very hospitable staff... Beautiful experience... Great food... Very Memorable" - Eunice Ondego & group - April 2016



"Amazing house!! The perfect setting for our 2016 retreat. Thank you Jenny and Allan!" - Mary on behalf of Xavier Project - March 2016



 "Really nice and relaxing place to stay with the family. Friendly staff." - Hadelin de Metz - February 2016



"Hippo House is truly beautiful and the photos do not do the size of the place justice. It is very conveniently located and the staff are very helpful and a lot of fun. Would highly recommend staying here." - Alan McCormick - January 2016



"Awesome holiday, great people!" - Andrew - December 2015



"An excellent place to have stayed for 6 nights." - Anthony and family - December 2015



"Beautiful place. Friendly staff. Enjoyed our stay" - Ahmed - November 2015



"Thank you for letting us stay in your wonderful house. We love the design and the great pool. The warmest of welcomes by your staff and delicious meals. Fantastic" - Cathy, Ian and family - October 2015



"Great Place, Great Guys." - Mohamed and Fatush - April 2015




"Perfect service, awesome house. Nice place to visit. Thank you." - Abdi, Hassan and Hussein - April 2015



"Lovely place, with a warm hearted welcome. Coming back soon." - Hassan and Salma - April 2015



"We had a fantastic time, great food and loved the pool. Can't wait to come again !!!"  -  Mirriam and Paul Jackson - January 2015